How it Works

What happens once you book?

1. Cheers to Confirmation

Upon booking, expect a virtual toast with a quick email confirming your spot in the wine-tasting adventure!

2. Tour Party Planning

Our team is on party-planning duty, meticulously organizing and scheduling your tour for maximum enjoyment.

3. Pre-Tour Hype Text

About 24-48 hours pre-tour, your rockstar driver will shoot you a text with all the deets – pickup time, location, and any other info you’ll need.

4. Rockstar Pickup

On tour day, your ride will roll up right on time, as promised in your driver's pre-tour text.

5. Destination Wonderland

First stop: Destination #1, where the tasting experience kicks off! Get ready for 10-30 minutes of pure flavor excitement. (tasting length varies)

6. Fun-Filled Leisure

But wait, there's more! Each destination visit comes with an extra 10-20 minutes to roam, snap pics, savor a bottle, nibble on snacks, and soak in the beautiful ambiance.

7. Repeat the Fun

Get ready to do it all over again at the next handpicked destinations.

8. Grand Finale Drop-Off

As the curtain falls on this epic tour, rest assured you'll be dropped off safely, fueled with memories and maybe a newfound love for the Okanagan!
We Can Help

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer all your questions and prepare you for an unforgettable wine adventure in the heart of the Okanagan. Whether you're a first-time visitor, a seasoned wine enthusiast, or somewhere in between, we've compiled a list of common inquiries to help guide your journey with us.